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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the available payment methods?

Depends on your country of booking the available payment method will vary, to make it easier to our client to find suitable payment methods.

How i can contact you?

Please Click here

How i can confirm my booking, which have been made through the website?

We'll confirm your booking and send you the confirmation to your email address. and you can also print the confirmation from our website.
In case of bank transfer payment, you'll have to pay for the total amount of the booking, beside sending us notice of payment, which should include the bank account number used in payment, bank account holder name, the amount sent and to wich bank account you sent the money.

Can i view details of booking which have been done from another agent/office?

Only booking made through our website are accessible.

Free weight for each passanger?

The baggage weight is showing during the booking process, and will be printed in your ticket.

When I should be into the airport?

Most of airlines request passengers to show in the airport not less than 3 hours prior to the flight departure time, in holidays you are adviced to arrive 4 hours before the departure time of your flight.

Why you are taking my mobile number in the reservation form?

It's important to write the correct contact number, incase flight canceled then the Airlines will call you and inform you about the cancelation.

My booking is from another agent, not the website could you help me in cancelation or changing travelling dates?

Only our website customer can change or request booking cancelation through our website, else you have to go to the office where you made your booking, or any head-office for the airline.

Can I cancel my booking

Depending on each booking rules, you can check your current reservation rules by following this link

Can I amend my booking?

Depending on each booking rules, you can check your current reservation rules by following this link